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de L Brongniart - 2004 - Autres articles - Les 2 versions

A recipe for Basic Bechamel And Variations containing butter flour milk salt freshly ground Recipes For Bechamel (White) Sauce Bechamel (White) Sauce

1 each, VARIATION : With raisin ( Bechamel Me Stafida). 1 cup, Bechamel Sauce *. ½ cup, Raisins, seedless. 1 cup, Sherry wine. 1 each, Cinnamon, dash

Béchamel is used as the base for dishes such as scalloped or au gratin potatoes and macaroni and cheese. Basic Béchamel (White) Sauce with Variations

Basic Bechamel sauce recipe with variations . Sauce variations include Mornay Sauce , Veloute Sauce , Herb Sauce , Cream Sauce , and Mustard Sauce Recipe.

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