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I also need help on getting into Cerulean Cave . Games Guru: The Elite Four in LeafGreen and FireRed are indeed tough. Those of you who want to do this on

I have already beat the elite 4 and the guy still won't let me in untill I have made a great achievement!What does that mean? Oh and how do you get a

Pokemon names with this color are exclusive to LeafGreen . Surf west into the Water Labrynth, and you'll find an old man on land. To get to the Cerulean Cave , first take the Ferry to Vermilion City, and then fly to Cerulean City.

23 Oct 2008 I've done it in other version, but I can't remember what I have to do to get Beat the Elite Four, then, go to One Island, talk to Bill on One island.

Pokemon LeafGreen and FireRed question: How do you get in Cerulean Cave in Then go into the cave and move through it. There won't be any battles and it

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